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Testosterone Therapy in Palm Beach/ Jupiter/ Palm Beach Gardens/ West Palm Beach.
All About TRT. Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) in men who have been tested and have low testosterone levels has consistently shown to have extremely positive benefits with only a minimal risk of side effects. Furthermore, the benefits of testosterone therapy can be both physical and mental. The therapeutic restoration of testosterone levels to be within the normal range by using TRT has been shown to:

·Significantly increase one’s lean body mass

·Drastically decrease an individual’s fat mass·Increase bone mineral density·Improve reproductive functioning·Improve one’s mood and well-being
Where some benefits will start to appear in the first month of therapy, most effects begin to take place over the first few months.  All these benefits have made testosterone replacement therapy usage increase significantly over the past few years, and with good reason. Because it works. While TRT is usually well receiv…

Incredible weight loss results at NovaGenix in Palm Beach.


Much interest exists in the NovaGenix Weight Loss/ Diet Plan. By using a combination of medication, diet and exercise, our patients have incredible results...  Perhaps you  know someone who has been on a similar Hcg Diet Plan successfully, and had lost a significant amount of weight rather quickly. The Hcg Diethas been responsible for millions of success stories over the years. Many of the people who have benefited from this weight loss program have remarked about how easy it has been to keep the weight off over the years.  This is due to the fact that the Hcg Diet is more than just a weight loss diet. It is medical hormone therapy. It is designed to your alter your metabolism as well as change your eating habits to promote weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.  It’s a medically supervised eight loss program that uses Hcg to change how you lose weight, and promote long term fitness and health goals that one can use to improve their lives for the be…

Platelet-Rich Plasma Skin Rejuvenation in Palm Beach/ Jupiter 561-277-8260

Platelet-Rich Plasma – or PRP is widely known for healing the skin with the body's natural powers of rejuvenation.  One of the single most effective treatments, PRP relies on the harnessing of the body's own healing and restorative processes to rejuvenate the skin. Other treatments, like Lasers for example, selectively wound the skin to encourage the skin to produce new skin in its' place. Other skin treatments, creams and facial peels are also designed to help boost and support the skin's natural healing and renewal processes. 
What is Platelet-Rich Plasma? Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is an example of a medical technique being used to improve a patient’s skin using the natural, healing components of the body, specifically within the plasma of their own blood. This treatment has also become widely known as the “Vampire Facelift”.  This type of treatment has been popular and successfully used for many years to help heal wounds and encourage faster recovery and healin…

PRP Therapy: What is PRP and Who Can it Help?

What is PRP? For those who don’t know what PRP is, its short for Platelet Rich Plasma, an innovative an exciting branch of sports medicine which allows an athlete to heal and recover from chronic pain and/or injuries of the tendons, muscles, ligaments, cartilage, nerves, and more. The treatment is a safe, non-surgical alternative that uses no drugs. With PRP injections, the patient’s own blood platelets are the healing agent, making it not only safer but an optimal form of healing for athletes wishing to recover faster from ailments and injuries.

How does platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy work? The idea behind PRP is simple, blood platelets help stop a cut from bleeding. But research has now shown that platelets do more than just coagulate and stop blood flow; they also release growth factors, which draw special regenerative cells (“progenitor cells”) to the site of the injury. Platelet-rich plasma therapy maximizes this platelet/progenitor cell relationship. The physician will perform …