Incredible weight loss results at NovaGenix in Palm Beach.


Much interest exists in the NovaGenix Weight Loss/ Diet Plan. By using a combination of medication, diet and exercise, our patients have incredible results...  Perhaps you  know someone who has been on a similar Hcg Diet Plan successfully, and had lost a significant amount of weight rather quickly. The Hcg Diet  has been responsible for millions of success stories over the years.  Many of the people who have benefited from this weight loss program have remarked about how easy it has been to keep the weight off over the years.  This is due to the fact that the Hcg Diet is more than just a weight loss diet. It is medical hormone therapy. It is designed to your alter your metabolism as well as change your eating habits to promote weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.  It’s a medically supervised eight loss program that uses Hcg to change how you lose weight, and promote long term fitness and health goals that one can use to improve their lives for the better. At NovaGenix, we take the plan one step further by combining other medication that takes into account your uniques medical history and goals and accelerate the procss. 

The NovaGenix Diet Program incorporates a scientifically designed diet with a therapeutic amount of the pro-hormone, HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) which can be administered through injections.  Originally created by Dr. Simeon in his Manuscript, Pounds and Inches, his diet had called for a strict protocol with close to zero flexibility, no exercise suggestions, and a specific list of permitted food items.  Fortunately after more studies had been conducted and data compiled, the HCG Diet has evolved into a myriad of modern day protocols. Now, the HCG Diet includes a lower calorie diet with an expanded food list, exercise programs and educational components featuring healthy habits for lifelong health which helps maintain weight loss goals and improve overall health. We also incorporate other medication and vitamins to help boost and support the metabolism and curve and suppress hunger. 


There has been much written about how the HCG Diet. Both informative pieces and articles full of misinformation and confusion. In short, HCG alone doesn’t cause you to lose weight. It’s the combination of the diet and the hormones working together which helps achieve the results.   HCG changes the WAY that your body loses weight.  Most diets often result in muscle loss and a metabolism that slows itself temporarily because of the body’s diet-induced “starvation mode,” therapeutic, prescribed amounts of the pro-hormone, HCG, prevents this from occurring.  This allows a person on the diet to continue losing weight at very fast rate, without losing muscle. With the other supporting medications, we can turn your body into a fat burning machine. 


HCG is the pro-hormone produced by men and women alike. It is produced in rather large amounts by pregnant women and is well known for being the catalyst hormone responsible for stimulating the production of many other hormones within the body. These in turn, alter the body’s metabolism, muscle, digestive functioning, liver functions and more. It’s no secret that the function of hormones and appropriate endocrine balance is known as one of the most common causes of weight challenges, especially with severely obese individuals. HCG helps the body to reach that optimal balance, which in turn allows the body to function properly and most change how people function. Chronic medical conditions like obesity lead to many other disease like diabetes, heart disease, kidney disorders and more. Getting to a healthy weight can not only help you look better, but allow one to feel better and live a better quality of life as they age.  


For anyone interested in starting an HCG diet plan for weight loss and to help improve their overall health, you can contact us via email at or call us at 561-277-8260. Our clinical experts can help you by answering your questions and providing solutions to help you change your life today. Don’t wait to take charge of your life and live the way you were meant to live, today.


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